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Jovio is the ideal business partner for any celebration essentials merchant. With our vast network of customers and our understanding of the event organising marketplace, we offer the perfect solution for all your requirements.

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We are new, we are fresh, and we are ambitious. Join our exciting team of merchants and grow with us to new heights. Let Jovio help you reach a wider audience and attain bigger goals.

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Become part of an exciting venture to make every celebration count. Grow and expand your business with Jovio.

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Discover new horizons with us. Jovio was founded by experienced professionals in the event organising domain. We're your growth partner, providing you with unwavering support.

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Why Jovio

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Planning to grow to heights with us? Follow this seamless and secure process to partner with us and start your journey to the top.

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Contact and verification

Fill out the form to join us as a merchant and be notified when you get verified by the Jovio team.

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Once you get verified, you will then be onboarded onto the Jovio team as a merchant.

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Start your journey with us

It’s smooth sailing from this point. Start getting orders and begin making events happen through Jovio!

Here’s a taste of what’s coming in the next phase

At Jovio, we are constantly on the lookout for more ways to provide our customers with the best event-planning essentials. We are always open to new opportunities, suggestions, and fresh ideas.



If you have something new for us, we’re listening. Let us know what you offer, and partner up with Jovio.



From order management to business insights, we’re planning features to help you grow your business.



We’re currently based out of UAE. We’re planning to expand to more regions of the world. Connect with us.